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Lerici Visit Card 2016: secret Lerici and more

23 Jun , 2016  


The city of Lerici offers a free virtual card to tourists staying in Lerici’s hotel facilities that gives the opportunity to discover the hidden beauties of Lerici and surroundings. From 27 June to 9 September, tourists who choose the town of Lerici and one of its accommodations for a vacation period will have more opportunities […]

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The golden butterfly of Monti San Lorenzo: Prehistoric mystery in Lerici

18 Jun , 2016  

La farfalla di luce che si verifica ogni solstizio d'Estate in località Monti San Lorenzo, a Lerici

In Monti San Lorenzo prehistoric site, every year a megalithic stones group offers the magic of a light throttle at sunsetting. A story that comes from prehistoric times. Important traces of ancient and mysterious civilizations are present in La Spezia and one of their most extraordinary and unique testimonies are the menhirs located in the […]

La Spezia local insider, La Spezia, Lerici

The cove of Lerici and the Fossola church: two secrets places in La Spezia even for locals

8 Jun , 2016  

La Caletta di Lerici, paradiso nel Golfo dei Poeti

The Cove of Lerici and the Church of the Guardian Angels in Fossola: dream places, often unknown even to locals. The Gulf of Poets and the La Spezia area have many wonderful corners. Some are well known and popular, others are almost ignored by the beachgoers, as many do not know how they exist and […]


Latin Sails Regatta in Lerici

18 Sep , 2015  


The fascinating race show of the sails regatta takes place tomorrow in the Lerici sea. Not just a competition, the exciting and engaging event in the Gulf of Poets setting has been conceived to revive a  navigation tradition rooted in the local sea culture and economy and  recover the professionalism of a forgotten specialized shipbuilding. […]



Break Dance Battle under the Castle!

10 Jul , 2015  


Are you a street dance lover? Maybe you like to try at the mirror some b-boying move at the mirror and want to try a new challenge? Saturday, July 11 under the Castle of San Terenzo, for the second consecutive year, the European break dance contest “Battle under the Castle takes place. Only good funk […]