Art Exhibitions in La Spezia

Late Renaissance Artists at Lia Museum

10 Feb , 2016  


At Lia Museum, until March 13th a valuable opportunity to see, facing each other, works by two important late Renaissance (or Mannerism) artists, who show their obsequious attention to the work of Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo and love for the classical world and archeology, yet looking for a renewal of the artistic canons. Pontormo, operating […]

Art Exhibitions in La Spezia

Hrair Sarkissan Photo Exhibit Back to the Future

12 Dec , 2015  


At the Fondazione Cari Spezia the Persian Hrair Sarkissan the first solo exhibition in Itlay of Armenian–Syrian photographer Hrair Sarkissian, one of the protagonists of the pavilion “Armenity“, winner as best national participation at the 56th Venice Biennale. “I use photography as a way to tell stories that are not immediately visible on the surface. […]