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Pitei in Cantina: 50ies street party and open cellars

8 Aug , 2015  


Pitei in local La Spezia language mans Pitelli, and Pitelli is one in the constellation of typical villages around La Spezia. Tonight, Pitei in Cantina is a street party where local people dress up like in the 50ies and offer their wine from their open cellars. The wine is not bottled, it’s not d.o.c., just […]

What's up

Pirates land in Cadimare!

20 Jun , 2015  


On Saturday 20th pirates land in Cadimare, a lovely sea town about three miles from La Spezia: a reconstruction of the many attacks from pirates the town suffered during the centuries. From the darkness of the sea some boats glimpse, armed with their  towering masts, so you enter the ancient and warlike corsair vibe. On […]

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