Places to see in La Spezia

You could be surprised with the many places to see in La Spezia Italy that you might not expect. Generally natural beauty of the town’s surroundings are popular and known, but also some city’s sightseeing can give the visitor the pleasure of the local artistic beauty and of a nice walk in a small vivid town, definitely worth a couple of days stay.

One of the most interesting attractions in La Spezia is the Medieval castle, on the uptown of the city. It tells the origins of the fortified structure of La Spezia, the strong military call of the town, that already in the early years of the XIII century was at the center of wars of regional dominance for its strategic position in northern Italy and for its natural, well tenable harbor.
Also today La Spezia is one of the main military ports in Italy: while looking down from the top of the hills you will notice Italy’s navy warships anchored in the military arsenal. This cannot be visited, but the Naval Museum of La Spezia preserves really interesting witnesses of ancient and contemporary war, commercial and civilian ships history.

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