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The best things to see and do in La Spezia during a visit in the Riviera city. Sea and city charm for one day or more.

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Lerici Visit Card 2016: secret Lerici and more

23 Jun , 2016  


The city of Lerici offers a free virtual card to tourists staying in Lerici’s hotel facilities that gives the opportunity to discover the hidden beauties of Lerici and surroundings. From 27 June to 9 September, tourists who choose the town of Lerici and one of its accommodations for a vacation period will have more opportunities […]

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Visit La Spezia

Visit of the Post Office Futuristic Mosaic

2 Jun , 2016  


In La Spezia, the great futurist mosaic that decorates the interior of the Palazzo delle Poste in Piazza Verdi is definitely a hidden treasure of incredible value. Not to be missed, Saturday, June 4, the chance to visit the tower and its mosaic, not normally visible to the public, for free. La Spezia was, for […]

Visit La Spezia

La Spezia, one of Charles Dickens’s “Pictures from Italy”

3 May , 2016  


In his “Pictures of Italy” Charles Dickens described his journey through Italy, and also painted a delightful close-up of La Spezia. The impressions from his journey were far from being positive, his description of the at the time so fragmented country are very different from those written by his fellow “Grand Tour” travelers. He loved, […]

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In La Spezia’s Cathedral, the Jubilee Holy Door

23 Mar , 2016  


Overlooking the city of La Spezia, laying on the former Capuchin Friars hill is La Spezia’s main catholic church. A controversial building’s architecture caused it the nickname of “alien fell from the sky”, “flying saucer”, “Scrooge McDuck’s mansion” and others, but La Spezia’s cathedral features in its avangarde design an interesting Christian symbolism. Walking along […]


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La Spezia by bike

4 Mar , 2016  


La Spezia is a great place to bike. The town’s dimensions and the relativery flat area allow everyone to use to use the bike to see places, do some sightseeing and easily reach every spot. If you are looking for bike rentals in towns, you should probably consider first the public bike sharing offer. With […]

Visit La Spezia

Cinque Terre & Beyond: a free APP to visit La Spezia

28 Feb , 2016  

Cinque Terre and Beyond big

Cinque Terre and Beyond is the perfect mobile application to visit La Spezia and discover its territory. Not only the Cinque Terre, but all the villages of the Riviera of poets, as well as other unknown jewels, are unveiled to those who visit the area and want to know more than the most popular destinations. […]

Visit La Spezia

The Future Town

7 Feb , 2016  

mosaico poste

Did you know that La Spezia is a Futuristic Town? Futurism was a twentieth-century primarily Italian artistic and culture movement, which influenced art movements particularly in Russia, France, USA and Asia. The Futurists explored every form of expression, from painting to sculpture, literature (poetry and theater), music, architecture, dance, photography, film and even gastronomy. The […]

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Climbing up La Spezia Stairways

4 Jan , 2016  


La Spezia stairways are a beautiful architectural feature in town. Dating back to an important time for the city, when La Spezia development was unmatched by other Italian cities of the time, thanks to the expansion of the military base, La Spezia stairs were built following the architecture design models of the time, such as […]

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The poets’ places

13 Dec , 2015  

logo blastness

The La Spezia bay is known as the “Gulf of Poets. But what is the reason of this name? Which poets have spent their lives here and praised the beauty of the area? If you want to follow a romantic itinerary to your journey in La Spezia, and visit the poets’ places, this is a […]

Visit La Spezia

La Spezia Port Terminal lit up with the French Tricolore

16 Nov , 2015  


Like on many monuments around the world, also La Spezia terminal is lit up with the French Tricolore colors, blue white and red in solidarity following Paris terrorists attacks. Symbolizing the French motto of freedom, the tricolore is projected on well known monuments and city hubs around the world, and in La Spezia welcome tourists […]