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Open docks in Bocca di Magra

30 May , 2016  

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From 3 to 5 June 2016, the docks of Bocca di Magra open their doors to the public to show boats, life on the river and the sea, and the nautical culture that only such a significant place like a river that flows into the sea can tell. Location of the sea and the river […]

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What's up

Spring is almost here, flowers are in Bocca di Magra

4 Mar , 2016  


Bocca di Magra town’s name means “Magra’s mouth”: it is located at the end of the river Magra and of the Val di Magra. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of river, sea and mountains, a varied nature and colorful is the setting for relaxing evening walks and nice fish meals. This weekend, the nice […]