Shop in town

La Spezia shopping is really fun: here you can find everything you need at often lower prices than in bigger and more known Italian cities. As well, La Spezia has the most important brand chains you can find there. The most interesting shopping area of La Spezia is in the city centre, between the harbor and the station, which is also mainly interested by the pedestrian area, and the nicest area to walk through from an artistic point of view.

Keep in mind that shops, especially smaller boutiques, are often closed at lunch break, usually between 12.30 to 3 pm, and they close at around 7.30pm. Bigger shops don’t do any break and on special weekends you can get shopping time marathons with no breaks.

Via Cavour is the most chic street with upscale shops, where you can find Italian Designers and Made in Italy fashion shops. Alongside Via Cavour is the historical Via Prione, probably the oldest town’s street: in the charming and colorful narrow pedestrian street you can find a bit more pricy shops also including less known Italian Designers’ brand shops.

If you are looking for souvernirs and memories or postcards from La Spezia, the town is constellated with such offer. You can find them at kiosks on the shores or in town but also many shops in Via Prione and Via Chiodo have the cutest and funniest fancy goods.

In the morning from Monday to Saturday, the farmers and fishers market takes place in Piazza Cavour, also known as Piazza del Mercato: a real hub for fresh products shopping as well as a popular weekend meeting point for aperitivo or brunch.

If you happen to be in town in March, make sure to be here for St. Joseph day, on the 19th of March: one of the biggest shopping fairs of Europe takes place for 3-4 days, with stands selling food, clothes, latest technical findings to make your household easier. The so tol Fiera di San Giuseppe is a beloved tradition in town, and the streets are literaly packed with people.