Vernazza is probably the oldest village in the area of the Cinque Terre, and includes some of its most ancient buildings, evidences of the long history making the charm of this territory.

vernazzaThe first documented witnesses of the existence of Vernazza, which was the first castrum of the Cinque Terre, date back to a 1080 act mentioning the Castrum Vernatio as maritime base of the Obertenghi family; lords of Vernazza in the XI and XII, who probably used the natural harbor as a departing point for commercial ships and to defend the area against attacks by Saracen pirates. The  Marquisalso built  the first fortified premises of sight and, if necessary, of defense.

With the increasing commercial traffic and the development of the navy returned Vernazza was soon included in the orbit of the Republic of Genoa, who made Vernazza one of the main coastal bases for the commercial, political and above all territorial conquest of the eastern Riviera. An official allegiance to Genoa oath agreement was signed in 1209 among the 88 heads of the families of the Vernazza territory. 

Vernazza is a beautiful village, with a main street and a net of smaller “caruggi”, little streets going up the hill behind the town and studded with the very typical colorful Riviera houses.  Here you can find a lot of great typical fish restaurants and do some nice shopping.