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Fair of San Giuseppe, the party is on!

18 Mar , 2016  


All set and started in La Spezia for the traditional St. Joseph’s fair. The city center  accommodates 650 stalls from today until Sunday that will attract tens of thousands of visitors from Italy and abroad. Buy Croccante, Brigidini the pork sausage ar roasted Porchetta sandwich: it’s the tradition! Don’t forget the Notte Bianca tonight! Public […]

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San Giuseppe 2016: the Notte Bianca

16 Mar , 2016  


In Italian, when you can’t sleep, you say you spend a night in bianco – in white. But if you are going out for a notte bianca – a white night, that is not bad. The Notte Bianca is a night with bars open until late and gigs and street theater going on all night […]


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San Giuseppe Fair and its events

15 Mar , 2016  


In the next days, La Spezia city is getting ready for the town’s feast of the year. Saint Joseph is the father of Jesus, celebrated in the catholic tradition on March 19th, and that’s why this is also Father’s day. For La Spezia San Giuseppe is the Patrono, the Saint protector of the city. The […]