La Spezia Nightlife: bars and clubs

When you think about the small town and its quietness, you would imagine La Spezia nightlife expectations shouldn’t be too big. Yet, if you happen to spend a night in La Spezia, you can definitely enjoy good drinks, gigs and nicely crowded city center streets, especially in summer and on weekends.

As in all Italian cities, Aperitivo time is when La Spezia nightlife starts. The central streets and the docks are the best areas for drinks and food in La Spezia, and there you can stay also to spend the rest of your night out. In summer, strolling from the seashore to the city center will definitely give you the chance to enjoy spontaneous live music and street theater gigs. Bars also entertain their guests with music and a nice outdoor atmosphere. The warmer season itramontos also the time when festivals and cultural happenings take place on the streets, so that you can easily be surprised with the city’s initiatives while strolling in town while tasting a nice gelato.

For clubbing, you should head to the outskirts of town, and to get to some of the fanciest clubs of all Italy, you should have or rent a car and drive for about 30 miles south, towards Tuscany on the Versilia beach clubs.