Cinqueterre & Beyond is a project designed and developed by La Spezia people for La Spezia people and for those who come to visit our town and its surroundings with the passion for these places and the desire to make it known to the fullest.

Andrea Maggi is a photographer and a documentary filmmaker who has worked for Rai, Discovery Channel and the BBC, particularly in Africa. He is the creator of the application Cinque Terre & Beyond for which he writes the content and arrange media with his screenwriting experience and love for his land.
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Barbara Natucci is a gym teacher and the smile of Cinque Terre and Beyond! Creator and coordinator of the activities, she is the best interpreter of the possibilities of collaboration with the operators of the area. To be contacted for any project.

Teresa Turano, wanderer “spezzina”, is a web specialist who worked for several years in international online projects in Italy, Germany and England. Today she is passionately dedicated to the website and social media of Cinque Terre and Beyond.

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spezzinoveroSpezzino vero doesn’t need any introduction to locals: the most popular Facebook page in town with irreverent humor, the most embarassing obsessions, the most typical expressions, but also the latest news, always looking with love at the Gulf of Poets.