cornigliaCorniglia is located in a central position in the Cinque Terre, east of Vernazza, to which it is connected with a fascinating walk halfway between hills and sea,  and Monterosso, and west of Manarola and Riomaggiore. Corniglia is slightly different from the other villages of the Cinque Terre as it is the only village that is not directly on the sea, but sits on top of a hill about ninety meters high, surrounded by beautiful terraced vineyards. The quickest way to reach Corniglia is on railway, then from its train station, climb a long staircase called Lardarina, consisting of 33 flights and 382 steps, or walk the winding Via Stazione. The whole village is spread along the main street, Via Fieschi, leading from the church of San Pietro to the panoramic terrace of Santa Maria.

 The origins of the village date back to Roman times; the name probably derives from Gens Cornelia, a family that owned this land. It is interesting  that during the excavations of Pompeii amphorae on which appeared the name of Cornelia”were found.
During the Middle Ages, like the villages nearby, the control of Corniglia was alternated among the counts of Lavagna, Luni and finally Genova.
In Corniglia, you can find some of the nicest secret beaches of the Cinque Terre : one of them, Guvano, is famous as it is normally attended by naturists, and can be reached with a nice walk of about an hour.