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8 Jan , 2016  


Today we talk of Mesciua, or Mes-ciüa (local dialect for “mixture”) a dish born in the port of La Spezia. Some say that the dish was invented in a day of lean with not enough beans for a legumes based meal, or wheat to make bread; then it was decided to mix the remains of […]

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Filled Mussles Recipe

24 Mar , 2015  


INGREDIENTS 1 kg of quite large muscles 2 eggs 300 gr. peeled (preferably fresh) tomatoes a bit of bread crumbs 50 gr. of chopped mortadella ham 30 grams of grated Parmesan cheese a few sprigs of thyme (one for filling the rest for decoration) a sprig of marjoram a bit of parsley 4 tablespoons of […]