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Amerigo Vespucci: the most beautiful ship in the world

19 Jun , 2016  

Amerigo Vespucci Nave scuola

The most beautiful ship in the world based in La Spezia: launched in 1931, the Amerigo Vespucci is symbol of Italian excellence on the sea. A jewel that locals often see in La Spezia sea. The Amerigo Vespucci – the symbol of the world navies – is based in La Spezia. The Italian navy’s training […]


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The golden butterfly of Monti San Lorenzo: Prehistoric mystery in Lerici

18 Jun , 2016  

La farfalla di luce che si verifica ogni solstizio d'Estate in località Monti San Lorenzo, a Lerici

In Monti San Lorenzo prehistoric site, every year a megalithic stones group offers the magic of a light throttle at sunsetting. A story that comes from prehistoric times. Important traces of ancient and mysterious civilizations are present in La Spezia and one of their most extraordinary and unique testimonies are the menhirs located in the […]


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Mysteries and legends of La Spezia and surroundings

13 Jun , 2016  

Il castello di Fosdinovo, in Lunigiana, abitato dal fantasma della bellissima giovane Malaspina

In Val di Vara there is a violin that mysteriously plays all night and in Fosdinovo the ghost of a beautiful young lady walled for an impossible love. Journey into the mysteries of La Spezia and surroundings. Ghosts and mysteries also live along the coasts of the Gulf of Poets and surrounding territories. From the […]


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The sword in the Stone? It is a legend of Sarzana

10 Jun , 2016  

Sarzana, cattedrale, facciata

In the facade of the Sarzana’s cathedral is stuck the grip of a mysterious sword. It’s just a sundial or something else? The story of Sarzana is very long and rich. Between the folds of the centuries are also some mysteries that no one – even today – was able to give a definite answer. […]

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Emanuele Albano, the man who looked for mussels and found the “Muscoli”

10 Jun , 2016  


Mussles of La Spezia are a mainstay of local cooking: excellence of the territory, are a real pride for locals. Along the Gulf of Poets nobody calls them “cozze”, – name for mussles in Italy – but who knows how called them Emanuele Albano from Taranto, the man who started the first mussle cultivation in […]

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Botticelli’s Venus was born in Portovenere

7 Jun , 2016  

La Venere di Botticelli: la ragazza raffigurata è la spezzina Simonetta Cattaneo Vespucci

Simonetta Cattaneo was born in Portovenere, she married one of the Vespucci Family, and shook the hearts of Renaissance Florence ending up in one of the most famous paintings of history. Not everyone knows it, but the Venus by Botticelli was from La Spezia : her name was Simonetta. Simonetta Cattaneo was born in Portovenere […]

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Torre Scola: almost destroyed because of Napoleon, saved by miracle

3 Jun , 2016  

Torre Scola, fortificazione nel golfo dei Poeti - foto Mario Riva

The fortification in front of Palmaria Island has a long story: built by the Genoese, almost destroyed by the British and saved from being demolished. Some italianize its name in “Torre Scuola” and some swear it was a prison, but the story of the Torre Scola is different and goes from the Republic of Genoa […]

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Vernazza, the beach originated by the flood

2 Jun , 2016  

Cinque Terre, Vernazza, La Spiaggia nata dall'alluvione - foto Daniele Battistini -

The catastrophic rains of October 25, 2011 have not left only mud and destruction, but also a large new beach. October 25, 2011 is a day that in Vernazza – as in all of the Vara Valley and the entire Val di Magra and in La Spezia – no one will forget: six hours of […]


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The Garibaldi Statue, two days of celebrations

26 May , 2016  

Statua equestre di Garibaldi, La Spezia

A party like the that one can not forget. And I actually remember well, even if many years have passed since 1913, now. The inauguration of the monument to Garibaldi was scheduled for Sunday, June 1, but already on Saturday the city was full of Garibaldi partisans everywhere. It seemed that the world suddenly had […]