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Panigacci or Testaroli? The Lunigiana Dilemma

20 Feb , 2016  


If you are going out for dinner in La Spezia, you might find in the menu Testaroli and Panigacci, delicious dishes you will only find in the La Spezia area. Panigacci and Testaroli are actually typical of the Magra Valley, the inland area towards Tuscany called Lunigiana, but are very popular and common in La […]

Cinque Terre

Cycling Tours in the Cinque Terre

18 Feb , 2016  


The Cinque Terre Park, together with Sigeric Touring service, offers the opportunity to tour the Cinque Terre by e-bike, to enjoy the freedom and fun that only cycling in nature can give you, on bikes with assisted pedalling for the toughest stretches. Through special themed tours, The National Park and the Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World […]

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What's up

“Lo Sbarazzo”, next weekend: best shopping time in La Spezia

17 Feb , 2016  


You couldn’t have chosen a better time to be in town for shopping! Next weekend, in La Spezia, Lo Sbarazzo – the Clearence – is an initiative by town’s to offer their winter collections at the year’s best prices. From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st, about 130 shops of Via del Prione, Corso Cavour and […]

La Spezia Reviews

Celebrate Valentine’s: a candlelight dinner in a fortress

13 Feb , 2016  


The weather didn’t assist Carnival nor is it good for couples who want to celebrate their Valentine’s in town. The Gulf of poet most poetic and romantic places may indeed be cold and wet in these days. Yet, if you know romantic might also be stormy and rough at times, you will enjoy the always […]


Art Exhibitions in La Spezia

Late Renaissance Artists at Lia Museum

10 Feb , 2016  


At Lia Museum, until March 13th a valuable opportunity to see, facing each other, works by two important late Renaissance (or Mannerism) artists, who show their obsequious attention to the work of Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo and love for the classical world and archeology, yet looking for a renewal of the artistic canons. Pontormo, operating […]


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The Future Town

7 Feb , 2016  

mosaico poste

Did you know that La Spezia is a Futuristic Town? Futurism was a twentieth-century primarily Italian artistic and culture movement, which influenced art movements particularly in Russia, France, USA and Asia. The Futurists explored every form of expression, from painting to sculpture, literature (poetry and theater), music, architecture, dance, photography, film and even gastronomy. The […]

La Spezia Reviews

What to do in La Spezia on a rainy day

7 Feb , 2016  


Today it’s cloudy, and it might rain any moment. Not really a great day to go to the beach or in the nature, and many scheduled events such as Carnival celebrations have been cancelled. What can you do in La Spezia when it rains: if you are a cruise traveller, definitely your boat will offer […]


What's up


30 Jan , 2016  


This is the last Carnival weekend: in the Christian tradition, Carnival is celebrated 40 days before Easter, although many celebrate also next weekend. The word carnival comes from the Latin carnem levare (“eliminate meat”), or perhaps from the Latin word for farewell “vale (“meat, farewell!”), as it indicated the banquet that was held on the […]

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre excursions: the Park’s spring program

26 Jan , 2016  


The Cinque Terre Park issued next spring’s walking trails program. In February and March, new ideas to enjoy the unique mix of nature, incredible sea views, flavors and work out. Following  walks, taking partecipatns to explore Cinque Terre villages and their rural background, are included in the Cinque Terre train Ticket, if you don’t own […]

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Art Exhibitions in La Spezia

Rememberance Day at Camec

25 Jan , 2016  


Wednesday 27th is the Shoah Remaberance Day. In the atrium of the Camec Museum in La Spezia, thank to the project “Holocaust Art” the work of the German artist Kate Kollwitz will be displayed for free.   Käthe Schmidt Kollwitz (Königsberg, July 8, 1867 – Moritzburg, April 22, 1945) was a German painter and sculptor. In addition […]