The best advice to stay in La Spezia is to book a guest house or hotel in the city center and move with public transport to visit the whole area. Especially if you want to visit the Cinque Terre, it is highly recommended to avoid the car and choose the train from La Spezia at low-peak times.
The city center has a constellation of private guest houses, for all budgets and very convenient to get to the railway station and to visit the city.

Of course, also staying in Lerici, Portovenere or other locations nearby is a fantastic choice, and if accommodations and services in these very popular towns are more pricy, they also allow to enjoy the sea and a more quiet local life.

In the Cinque Terre, it is necessary to book as early as possible, to avoid second choice accommodations in an area which doesn’t have plenty of solutions, although also here nowadays many locals accommodate tourists in rooms they own or in part of their houses, which can also be a nice way to stay in the Cinque Terre.