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San Giuseppe Fair and its events

15 Mar , 2016  


In the next days, La Spezia city is getting ready for the town’s feast of the year. Saint Joseph is the father of Jesus, celebrated in the catholic tradition on March 19th, and that’s why this is also Father’s day. For La Spezia San Giuseppe is the Patrono, the Saint protector of the city. The […]


Art Exhibitions in La Spezia

Comizi d’Amore Photo Exhibition

11 Mar , 2016  


Today, March 11, at 6pm, opens in Spazio 32 the exhibition La vera Italia? Comizi d’amore di Pier Paolo Pasolini – The real Italy? Rallies of love by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Photographs by Mario Dondero and Angelo Novi”. In 1963 Pasolini made a survey on Italian and sexuality. Along the peninsula in far and wide, […]

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Eat Local

The yummiest street food: the Farinata legend

8 Mar , 2016  


In all Italy, it is very common to get yummy pizza both in pizzeria restaurant and as street fod, in a paperbag. In La Spezia, as in many Ligurian city, there is no pizza paperbag without a slice of Farinata. To be exact, you can get Farinata also in other places, especially in northern Tuscany […]

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Visit La Spezia

La Spezia by bike

4 Mar , 2016  


La Spezia is a great place to bike. The town’s dimensions and the relativery flat area allow everyone to use to use the bike to see places, do some sightseeing and easily reach every spot. If you are looking for bike rentals in towns, you should probably consider first the public bike sharing offer. With […]

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Spring is almost here, flowers are in Bocca di Magra

4 Mar , 2016  


Bocca di Magra town’s name means “Magra’s mouth”: it is located at the end of the river Magra and of the Val di Magra. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of river, sea and mountains, a varied nature and colorful is the setting for relaxing evening walks and nice fish meals. This weekend, the nice […]

Cinque Terre, Sailing

Visit Cinque Terre by boat

28 Feb , 2016  


Are you an old salt? Or do you just love feeling the sea breeze on you face and experience the discovering of new places on boat? Try the thrill of sailing in the Cinque Terre and La Spezia sea, you will just love the experience. In high peak seasons, hiring a boat or joining a […]

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La Spezia Reviews

Cinque Terre & Beyond: your APP to visit La Spezia

28 Feb , 2016  

Cinque Terre and Beyond big

Cinque Terre and Beyond is the perfect mobile application to visit La Spezia and discover its territory. Not only the Cinque Terre, but all the villages of the Riviera of poets, as well as other unknown jewels, are unveiled to those who visit the area and want to know more than the most popular destinations. […]


Sport in La Spezia

Sciacchetrail and Minisciacchetrail!

24 Feb , 2016  


Schiacchetrail is a running race which takes place every year in the Cinque Terre paths, joining love for outodoor sports, nature and for the unique Ligurian territory, which is per se a way to enjoy wellness in a unspoilt environment. The name “sciacchetrail” come from the local sweet wine name Sciacchetra, and trail running, so […]

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Marconi’s Mechanical Calculator demonstration

23 Feb , 2016  


Until the advent of electronics, for at least three centuries, the mechanical calculator was the commonly used digital calculation tool. Saturday, February 27 at 3pm at the Naval Museum of La Spezia you can see Guglielmo Marconi’s  “Aritmometro Payen“ in function, the mechanical calculator used by the famous scientist and kept in the city museum. […]

Cinque Terre

Limited access to the CInque Terre?

22 Feb , 2016  


The news about a new limited access to the Cinque Terre have been spread out also internationally. Yet no decision has been taken in this respect. Indeed the Cinque Terre Park is looking into the figures of the increasing number of tourists who enter the park every year and the essential need to preserve a […]