La Spezia beaches

La Spezia beaches are not in town : see our maps to get to the best beaches, all different for landscape and features

spiaggeLa Spezia is located on the rocky coast of the Italian Riviera, namely the north-western arch of Italy forming the Liguria region. The dramatic spectacular cliffs landscape between mountains and sea here doesn’t leave much space for sandy beaches, and generally the shores are characterized by rocks and reefs punctuated with beach plots usually formed by small grainy stones and in some cases by sand. The variety of this jagged coast edge is one of the most charming aspects of our shores: islands and dryland, fully equipped beaches, desert strips of land alternating with picturesque villages make a few days in La Spezia area a chance to enjoy different aspects of a sea holiday in Italy.

Unfortunately, the city’s call for industrial and military sea activities hasn’t left beaches in town, but you can easily reach the surroundings where you can get very clear blue sea shores, perfect for scubadiving, underwater photography and fishing, and large spots of green vegetation giving shade during the hottest days of the year.

Especially in Portovenere and in Lerici you can find equipped beaches to relax for the whole day but in these villages as well as in the Cinque Terre the most frequent beach style is the free one.