Cinque Terre (secret) Beaches

In Cinque Terre there are many beaches, but most of them are quite hidden and secluded, can be reached only by hiking steep paths or by boats and are not showed on official maps : only locals can give you the best advice on how to reach the hidden gems of this beautiful coastline. Also most Cinque Terre beaches are not sandy, and rather made of small stones or big rocks, you can actually enjoy some of the nicest swimming just by going off the main paths and laying your towel on the large rocks on the sea.
Cinque Terre beaches are mainly in the protected natural park area, which is often quite wild and scarcely inhabited, they are free but not much equipped with services: it is recommended to take water, food and anything you might need during the day, and make sure not to leave any litter behind.

Of course, you can reach equipped and large sandy beaches too: the main one is in Monterosso town, with bars, restaurants, showers and changing rooms too. Also other towns just outside the Cinque Terre Park area offer enough comforts, such as Levanto or Bonassola.
Nevertheless, we recommend to try one of the Cinque Terre secret beaches, giving more peaceful moments, clear water and stunning views.

See our map below to learn where are the best secret Cinque Terre and surroundings beaches.