La Spezia Free wi fi

La Spezia city offers a wide area with free wi-fi connection since summer 2015 : in most areas of La Spezia center you can surf the internet for free, be informed about all you need for your holidays, get and send emails and share your thoughts and pics with friends.

The service is open to everyone, with no need of authentication. The total coverage of all areas is almost complete and will soon connect most of the city center, from the railway station to the seafront. You only need to connect your activated wireless device to the FREE WiFi La Spezia network and when you launch your browser you will be redirected to the Liguria WiFi welcome authentication page.

The network is part of the Liguria Wi-Fi Zones, allowing tourists to surf during their holidays, and even residents to have a useful free wi-fi connection for business, also in smaller towns. The connection speed is quite good, although not always constant.

If you need to disconnect at the end of the session, click the logout button on the service console or enter in the browser address bar.

Map of covered city areas follows.