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Notte bianca, great music and Sarzana’s underground

19 Jul , 2016  

Thursday, July 21 Sarzana is celebrating its 551th birthday: the night is tinged with white and provides a rich program of music and entertainment and an exceptional discovery.

Thursday 21, will be a white night in Sarzana: shops open until late and lots of music: the Latin American dance in the street, the ’40s and’ 50s rock, gospel and more. And it will not end it all with the night of the 21st: the great music will start in the streets of Sarzana already on the 20th and later on 22nd with two important concerts, that of the Kings of Convenience on the 20th and the Turin band Subsonica on the 22nd, while Saturday 23 Jack Savoretti will close the party.

The shops will remain open until late, kids will be enetertained with games, body painting, jugglers and fire eaters: the idea of the festival is that in every little corner of the city some event is going to happen: visitors are invited to explore and be surprised by the beauty of the city.

The night will be so full of surprises for those who want to celebrate with Sarzana a long and rich history: not to be missed, the discovery of the subsoil of Firmafede Fortress.

During the festival, the Firmafede Fortress decided to make a very special gift to all Sarzana with the opening for the first time to the public of the underground of the ancient fortress, the so-called citadel. Access is now possible thanks to a careful restructuring of the underground walkway, which will allow visitors to go for the first time to the discovery of the underground: a unique opportunity to discover unexplored aspects of Sarzana and its ancient history.

Promotional price White Night of 21 July: € 3.50 adults € 3.00 Concessions, € 5 entry with audioguide
Hours: 10-13 and 5to 11 pm


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