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It’s not just Sciacchetra: discovering Cinque Terre wines

17 Jun , 2016  


La Spezia and Cinque Terre wines are not among the best known in Italy, but in recent decades they grew with new productions and labels. The occasion of upcoming events Liguria da Bere and Sarzana DOC will give the opportunity to know many local producers and taste excellent wines from Liguria and in particular from […]


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Liguria da Bere 2016

14 Jun , 2016  


Liguria da Bere is back to La Spezia 17 to 19 June 2016, to let us try the wines of Liguria and many delicious specialties of the territory, with more than 50 stands of producers of DOC and IGT wines. The food and wine event Liguria da Bere, 17 to 19 June 2016, is by […]

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Farinata: gold that doesn’t shine!

26 May , 2016  


La farinata, queen of poor yet reach in flavor cuisine Don’t call it “cecina”, nor “torta”, or “caldacalda”:  there are many dishes made from chickpea flour scattered throughout Italy, but here it is called Farinata (fainà). And here it is much more than a simple dish: in La Spezia cooking, farinata is a real landmark, […]

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The Cinque Terre wine and Sciachetra

14 Dec , 2015  


The Cinque Terre DOC Sciacchetra , is a protected wine denomination associated to wines produced in the territory of the same name in the typical terraces of Riomaggiore , Vernazza and Monterosso and the municipality of La Spezia with wines composed of at least 60% bosco grapes combined with a 40% of albarola grapes and […]

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Colli di Luni wine

17 Jun , 2015  


The Colli di Luni wine is a DOC wine, which is divided into the production area between Liguria and Tuscany, in the towns of Ortonovo, Castelnuovo Magra, Santo Stefano Magra, Bolano, Calice al Cornoviglio, Beverino, Riccò del Golfo, Follo, La Spezia, Vezzano Ligure, Arcola, and Lerici Ameglia, Fosinovo, Aulla and Podenzana. The smooth hills of […]


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Colline di Levanto wine

16 Jun , 2015  

levanto vgneto

The DOC “Colline di Levanto” is given to wines in the types Vermentino, Red and Novello, made from grapes of the municipalities of Levanto, Bonassola, Framura and Deiva Marina. Territory where the spaces become more open than in the nearby Cinque Terre, in Levanto the viticulture has a long tradition: in 1242 Ursone of Vernazza, […]