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Sua Maestà a Fainà

2 Jun , 2016  

The Farinata, the queen of food tradition in La Spezia and surroudings, will be celebrated on Sunday, June 11 at the Grazie, with a A whole day dedicated to Her Majesty… A Fainà!

From 9 am will begin the hobbyists markets and, with the chance for artists to sell artifacts and objects made by their creativity.

With two rounds in the morning and in the afternoon you can taste free of different qualities of Farinata: the first will take place at 11:30 am at the restaurant La Marinara, and the second at 16.30 at the La Baia di Ria.

The most greedy of the gold that does not shine, can take part to the Farinata eaters speed races, the first round at 12:30, the second one at 17.30.

At 6 pm will start the musical competition among local bands, the Forza La Musica Live Festival.


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