The Cinque Terre Ticket

The Cinque Terre Ticket is a card allowing you to visit all Cinque Terre villages with a discounted rate for one day or more. The cost of the ticket, however, is connected to the availability of hiking paths, constantly monitored for floods and landslips: the more you can walk and visit of the Cinque Terre, the more you can travel, the more expensive is the ticket. Normally, the ticket price is 5 to 8€ per day (from purchase time until midnight), and in summer t is usually more expensive.

Where can I buy the Cinque Terre Ticket?

– At all railway stations in Cinque Terre, La Spezia and Levanto.
– at each section of the Blue Path.
– At tourist information centres.
– From bus drivers, only in the villages of the Cinque Terre.

What are the services included in the Cinque Terre Ticket?
– Bus tickets: for electric buses connecting the railway stations with the main Cinque Terre points of interests
– Entrance to the Blue Path connecting all Cinque Terre villages with each other.
– Free entry to some museums in the Cinque Terre Park.
– Free wi fi use