Eat Local

In La spezia city center you have a big choice of great restaurants serving local food to enjoy varied menus of sea and paesant food, making the traditional cuisine of the area. In the map below, find recommended places to eat by Cinque Terre and Beyond.

You can also enjoy some great restaurants in the outskirts or out of town, especially if you have a car. In Portovenere, Lerici and the Cinque Terre, it is natural to enjoy the great seafood, which is part of the culture itself of these sea villages. The fish is always cooked in a very simple way, the Liguria tradition wants to taste the row sea flavour. So, no many dressing and spices, just the smell of a few typical herbs, such as thymes and maggiorana, local ovive oil and lemon are often only accompaimment to the fish flavor.
The proximity of Lunigiana and Tuscany enriches the local food with tasty meat, mushrooms and oter vegetables dishes.