Sport La Spezia

La Spezia, a day of sport

3 Apr , 2016  


From the early hours of today, the city of La Spezia shines in a range of colours: it’s not just the by now full spring making outdoor time so sweet, today two organized sporting events are taking place in town. One is Vivicittà, an amateur footrace open t everyone who wants to take part to […]

Sport La Spezia

Sciacchetrail and Minisciacchetrail!

24 Feb , 2016  


Schiacchetrail is a running race which takes place every year in the Cinque Terre paths, joining love for outodoor sports, nature and for the unique Ligurian territory, which is per se a way to enjoy wellness in a unspoilt environment. The name “sciacchetrail” come from the local sweet wine name Sciacchetra, and trail running, so […]